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Mecarun’s products are designed to: Improve combustion in petrol and diesel vehicles. Clean the engine, injectors, EGR Valve and Particulate Filter. More information, advice and practical guidance on the website.
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Fuel saving – Sludge and algae free tanks


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Mecarun C 99 diesel in light and heavy commercial vehicles with GEO telematics for route and consumption monitoring.

Request a free trial with telematic monitoring of consumption in your vehicle fleet.

Main benefits from the use of C 99 by the carrier:

See below for an example of an 8% saving

Telematics control makes it possible to monitor driver behaviour, acceleration speed, braking, cornering performance, engine speed, cruising speed, driving time and engine running times when the vehicle is stationary. In this way, the haulier can have the necessary telematics data at his office.

C99 softens the active tension of the fuel molecules, achieving a finer atomisation and a larger surface area in contact with the oxygen until perfect combustion is achieved, thus reducing consumption and pollution. C99 and other Mecarun products are new technology and do not alter fuels or engine mechanics, on the contrary.


Example of a calculation of your annual fuel consumption:

Passing through the injection pump and injectors, the Eco 10,000 dissolves lacquers, varnishes, charcoal and other impurities.

It has the capacity to dissolve up to 400 times its weight.

This product does not alter the normal operation of the engine and does not cause noise and other disturbances, as its flash point is higher than that of the fuel.

It may be the case that the pump is clogged, so the help of a pump in series would be needed to propel the mixture of Eco 10.000 and fuel into the pump and thus force its cleaning and degreasing.

Eco 10,000 removes carbon deposits in the EGR, FAP, Turbo and valves. It significantly improves the performance of the engine.mco what you design is very bad.

Eco 10 000 Diesel 250 ml

Mercedes 280 000 km, 2 litres of diesel savings per 100 km and 30% reduction in ad-Blue consumption, on a mixed route (urban and regional).

Économies de carburant et d'entretien. Réservoirs sans boue ni algues. Découvrez les produits Mecarun nécessaires à l'agriculture et aux travaux publics.

A filter that stays cleaner for longer allows you to consume less energy.

Maintenance of diesel installations

The tanks whose diesel is treated with C99 and Eco 10.000 benefit from the following advantages:

Centrifugal filtration unit

For oil, diesel, sludge, seaweed, fuel, fuel oil, fuel oil.

1 micron centrifugal filtration for diesel, fuel oil, vegetable and mineral oil.

Water is dispersed and assimilated by the fuel.

For hauliers, marine, agriculture, fuel distributors, mechanics and fuel depots.

Can filter sludge at the bottom of tanks with Centra’s Mecha Filter system.

3 versions: 200, 400 and 1,000 litres per hour.

Instructions for use:

Antibacterial and sludge solution:

Bacteria and sludge develop in diesel and oil due to the condensation water created by the thermal shock between the diesel inlet and return in the engine.

Water is the oxygen for these bacteria, Meca-run C 99 diesel contains a powerful bacteria inhibitor (Bacteriostasis) that no longer allows their development.

C 99 contains a biocide with bacteriostatic action, keeping filters, tanks and fuel clean at all times.


It seems unbelievable, but this diesel filter has 30,000 km on it.

The C 99 prevents the development of sludge and bacteria and causes condensation water to atomise during the mixing operation of the engine and enter combustion, just like the air mist that is sucked in through the intake.

In a tank containing fine sludge of less than 10 microns, the sludge passes the fuel filter and misaligns the air/fuel mixture, impairing combustion and charring the EGR valve and Particulate Filter (FAP). Fuel that is not burned is equivalent to your money going out the exhaust.

C99 keeps the diesel filter very clean.

The antibacterial agent in C99 diesel eliminates most of the bacteria present in stagnant water or condensation in tanks and tanks.

It is the water that harbours or breeds the sludge created by bacteria.

The antibacterial contained in Mecarun C99 contains no TCMBT, Mercato, Phenol or Benzene.

Tanks and vats:

As in a swimming pool, it is necessary to recirculate the fuel to homogenise it.

In the tank of a vehicle, mixing is ensured by the return of the injection pump.

Sludge clogs the diesel filters and often causes deposits on the injectors, which can lead to clogging or faulty atomisation.

In an idle tank

The fuel needs to be stirred in order for the antibacterial agent to reach all micro-organisms. Otherwise, the micro-organisms will continue to breed in the water that harbours them.
20 years of experience and the satisfaction of thousands of users endorse the quality and effectiveness of C99 diesel.