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Mecarun’s products are designed to: Improve combustion in petrol and diesel vehicles. Clean the engine, injectors, EGR Valve and Particulate Filter. More information, advice and practical guidance on the website.
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Particulate filter clogged. Procedure

Instrucciones Pack Anti-Carbono FAP (filtro de partículas)

Filtro de Partículas obstruido. Procedimiento

Watch the Fap Decarbonising Kit in degraded mode video.

(Watch the Fap Decarbonising Kit in degraded mode Video)


Apply this treatment by an engine professional


The KN Pack is designed to regenerate the FAP and avoid costly replacement of the Particulate Filter.


There are 2 conditions for using it (only by an engine professional):


1- The vehicle is immobilised by order of the on-board computer (Ecu).


2- Attempts to regenerate by cancelling the FAP fault code and applying the treatment with the ITV Diesel Anti-Carbon Pack have not been successful and the situation requires replacement of the device.


1 – Mix Kn-Cleaner Fap 250 ml with 750 ml of water.


2 – Disconnect the 2 hoses from the FAP pressure sensor.


3 – Using a pneumatic tool, inject the mixture through the upper tube of the pressure sensor (in front of the FAP) and let it act for 20 to 30 minutes.


4 – Then start the engine and let it run at 2000 rpm. Connect an exhaust fan, plug the other (inlet) pipe with a screw and a clamp.


5 – Blow out and reassemble the 2 hoses and clear the fault code using the fault scanner.


6 – Pour 250 ml of Eco 10 000 Diesel into the tank, together with 25 litres of diesel.


7 – Drive the vehicle on the road in forced regeneration mode with the scanner connected, accompanied by the mechanic.


8 – Once the vehicle can be driven in non-degraded mode, return to the workshop to disconnect the scanner. Then drive the vehicle, according to the mechanic’s instructions, with the engine revved, to allow the lower part of the FAP to be cleaned with Eco 10 000.


9 – Use a double dose of Mécarun C 99 Diesel at each fill-up, so as not to damage the FAP any more and to stop having sludge and bacteria in the tank and to save fuel.


The Kn-Cleaner FAP treatment should only be carried out by a professional mechanic.


The Eco 10 000 is to be poured into the tank by the driver.