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Mecarun’s products are designed to: Improve combustion in petrol and diesel vehicles. Clean the engine, injectors, EGR Valve and Particulate Filter. More information, advice and practical guidance on the website.
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Lubrication Circuits

P18 anti-friction in lubrication circuits

Engine, Gearbox, Power Steering, Gearboxes, Gearboxes, Bridges, Hydraulic Circuits, Compressors.

P18 has excellent anti-friction and anti-wear properties. Its innovative technology makes it possible to stop programmed obsolescence and extend the life of the parts subjected to work.


It does not create a film, unlike many products, but combines at the molecular level with the outer layer of the metal and gives it a very high anti-friction and anti-wear power.


He is able to detail wear on rings and cylinders, gearboxes, power steering, reduction gears, gears and hydraulic circuits of agricultural and public works machinery, in industry and renewable energies.


Reduces vibration in rings, tappets and the rest of the engine.


It reduces torque opposition, thereby increasing engine power and also contributing to lower engine consumption.


It drastically reduces costly interventions due to wear and tear.


Due to its high anti-friction power, it can generate up to 3 % more electricity in wind and hydro power, lowering maintenance costs.

P18 250 ml

Engine Flush - cleaning of the lubrication circuit

Engine Flush thoroughly cleans the lubrication circuits in the engine and gearbox, dissolving lacquers, varnish, carbon deposits and other impurities.


Removes carbon deposits on the rings and restores combustion chamber compressions.


It closes the exhaust of combustion gases from the rings to the crankcase, thus preventing them from flowing back to the breather and thus preventing carbon build-up.


Expels abrasive residues that previously wear the engine and gearbox.

Engine Flush 500 ml