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Mecarun’s products are designed to: Improve combustion in petrol and diesel vehicles. Clean the engine, injectors, EGR Valve and Particulate Filter. More information, advice and practical guidance on the website.
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Eco 10.000 technical sheet

– Immediately eliminates condensation in the tanks.

– valve protection injectors and injection pumps – bacteriostasis (anti-bacterial).

– Anti-pollution: Co, Co² Hc, Nox, opacimetry (black smoke) or satisfied * refunded.

– Regeneration EGR valves, particulate filters, turbo: money back *.

– Approval in technical inspections or money back *. Curative treatment: DPF cleaning, EGR valves: add 10 ml of 99 C to every 10 litres of fuel in the tank (e.g. one bottle of Eco 10000 – 250 ml + 20 ml of 99 C to 20 litres of fuel). Service instruction:

– Use every 10,000 km, pour Eco 10000 into a full tank Presence of water in the tank.

– Use immediately if there is a presence of water in the fuel … Degreasing of an injection pump in a few minutes with Eco Mécarun 10000 Diesel. If the pump is not able to suck the fuel, feed it under pressure with a pump, which forces the treatment on site. Eco 10000 can dissolve up to 400 times its weight in carbon. Eco 10000 is not detonating, because its flash point is higher than diesel.