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Mecarun’s products are designed to: Improve combustion in petrol and diesel vehicles. Clean the engine, injectors, EGR Valve and Particulate Filter. More information, advice and practical guidance on the website.
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Carbon deposits in particulate filter and EGR valve. Seized injection

- Injection, EGR, FAP, Turbo, Intake and Anti-Carbon EGR treatment

- Treatment of clogged FAP with Pack KN

Anti-pollution treatment prior to technical inspection. No need to dismantle, using the Anti-Carbon treatment pack (39,00 €). (Satisfied or refunded. See conditions).

Satisfied or reimbursed

* If, after using Mecarun’s Anti-Carbon treatment, your vehicle has been rejected in the technical inspection due to fumes, Mecarun will reimburse you the amount of the same pack * The vehicle must have passed the MOT check with a clean air filter and fuel filter, The vehicle must have passed the MOT check with the air filter and fuel filter clean, as a precondition * Condition valid only for orders placed on the Internet or at a partner point of sale, and without shipping costs * You must have the purchase invoice and a copy of the invoice for the replacement of the EGR DPF valves or the rejection form from the MOT due to excessive pollution.

“In urban driving at low revs, in stop-and-go traffic and on short journeys, double the dose of C 99.

Very important: The air filters must be fresh and the diesel filter must be clean.

Carbonilla en el Filtro de Partículas y Válvula EGR. Inyección gripada

Very important: Air and diesel filters must be clean. In the diesel engine, defective glow plugs can contribute to poor combustion.

Regeneration of DPF, EGR, FAP and Turbo valve of a Megane 300.000 kms.

Forced regeneration in degraded mode (if necessary).

When the carbon mass reaches its maximum level, the ECU switches to degraded mode and only allows the vehicle to be driven to the workshop. At this point, regeneration (cleaning) ceases and it becomes necessary to replace the FAP or else force regeneration by a professional or by means of a code scanner available on the Internet. Once out of degraded mode, the engine goes back into regeneration mode (cleaning) for a few minutes, it will be necessary to restart the same operation 2 or 3 times, using the Anti-Carbon treatment with 250 ml of Eco 10.000| for 25 litres of diesel: for any questions, please contact us on 643 826 207. Instructions for use C 99 Diesel : Urban driving, short journeys, traffic jams : double the dose of C 99 (dosage in the bottle).

Carbon deposits in the EGR valve, the FAP and the Turbo and the Intake

Is it removed with Eco 10,000 or is hydrogen through the intake sufficient? The hydrogen cleaning method introduced into the intake with the air limits the self-combustion of the carbon deposits to the combustion chamber. However, Eco 10.000, thanks to its unique composition, also acts on the EGR valve, the particulate filter and the turbocharger, achieving their recovery and avoiding their replacement. Eco 10.000 is easy to use and does not require a machine, just pour it into the fuel tank, drive and enjoy the result.

Carbonilla en el Filtro de Partículas y Válvula EGR. Inyección gripada

Eco 10 000 and C99 are present in the fuel and ready to act when, in regeneration mode, they are injected into the exhaust gases for this purpose (this is not the case with the hydrogen cleaning method). In this way, a supercombustion is produced in the Fap, EGR and Turbo, allowing them to be decarbonised and regenerated in complete safety, without fear of overheating, due to the fact that the vehicle is travelling on the road and is being perfectly ventilated by the flow of air under the ground and also due to the pressure of the exhaust gases. This is borne out by the excellent MOT results.


Eco 10.000 and C99 make the difference between a seized injector and a perfectly functioning one. The former removes lacquer, varnish, carbon deposits and other accumulated impurities from the injectors and pump, completely restoring the system. The second improves combustion and keeps them in good working order.

Injectors, before and after treating with Mecarun


MECARUN AIC Cleans the intake ducts and complements the cleaning of the EGR and combustion chamber. It is essential to achieve the correct air-fuel mixture, regardless of the engine temperature. It is administered through the air intake by loosening the duct and passing the cannula through the open space. With the engine running, spray repeatedly. For diesel engines, accelerate up to 2000 rpm.

Example of perfect combustion of diesel fuel with Diesel C 99

MOT opacimeter reading: 0.50 points The C99 achieves perfect combustion, reduces fuel consumption and carbon build-up. A clean engine that uses every last drop of fuel.

Clogged FAP - what to do to avoid replacing it?

KN FAP and DPF Pack

In the event of an excessively clogged FAP due to excessive carbon build-up and failure to regenerate it with the normal Eco 10,000 Anti-Carbon Treatment, including resetting of the fault code.

In this case, the workshop would recommend the replacement of the DPF. To avoid this high cost, the KN FAP and DPF Pack is available.

We recommend that this operation be carried out by a professional.

The Kn-cleaner FAP treatment can only be carried out by a mechanic. And the Eco 10.000, the user will pour it into the vehicle’s tank.

The difference between Eco 10,000 and C99. Eco 10.000 cleans the tank, the injection system and the engine’s carbon. The C99 achieves perfect combustion, lowers consumption and reduces pollutant gas emissions.