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Mecarun’s products are designed to: Improve combustion in petrol and diesel vehicles. Clean the engine, injectors, EGR Valve and Particulate Filter. More information, advice and practical guidance on the website.
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C-Fuel technical sheet

C-Fuel: for light and heavy fuel oil

Collective and individual fuel heating up to 25% savings

Economy * boiler-tested with 82/85% efficiency
stabilise fuel, dissolve sludge, anti-bacteria

Boiler test (Lousteau-Rippe 16410) with 0.75 nozzle = 210° of fuel without C-Fuel, 0.75 nozzle with C-Fuel = 260°, with 0.50 nozzle and C-Fuel – 210°, i.e. -25% on heating oil consumption .

Boiler testing of C-Fuel: mix the C-Fuel 5 days before testing to allow the C-Fuel to fragment by its physical action.

C-Fuel put in the heating tank before filling the fuel for a perfect mixture.

Solubilises sludge in tanks gently.

Have the tank cleaned by a professional in case of large amounts of sludge.

1: Nuevo filtro diésel
2: filtro diésel con C 99
3: filtro diésel sin utilizar C 99.
3: filtro diésel sin utilizar C 99.

Recordatorio: la obstrucción de un filtro de diesel aumenta el consumo de combustible. También puse C 99 en mi FORD FOCUS TDI, más de 350000 kms y sin preocupaciones. En cuanto al consumo en un viaje largo, se necesitan 5,6L.

También hice otras pruebas en otros coches y el resultado es excepcional.

LAURENT ROUTAULT Technical teacher in initial training.

Mr. Croccichia's Chappé boiler in Seine et Marne

Fuel savings after Méca-Run C-Fuel and new JET: 30%.

A remarkably clean boiler!

With C-Fuel, the flame increases in length.

A smokeless boiler!

With C-Fuel, it is necessary to reduce the size of the JET and possibly reduce the flow rate of the pump to better maintain the smoke temperature. All good heating engineers have full control over THESE settings.ra smoke-free!

C-Fuel, a 100% organic, solvent-free, benzene-free, toluene-free fuel treatment.

Isolates water from sulphur and diesel (sulphuric acid).

Heavy C-Fuel: special version for heavy fuel oil, reduction of consumption, fouling, smoke and unburned fuel oil as well as sulphur emissions.

For industrial boilers for steam production for factories and electricity production.

C-Heavy Fuel for marine engines, generators, concrete or lime production plants

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